The facilities

We offer a small modern hall with all the necessary ancillary facilities. The hall itself has a capacity of 60 persons. There is electric heating and dim-able lighting. The kitchen is fully equipped, including a cooker, microwave and refrigerator. There are separate toilets for men and women and a toilet for the disabled. All is clean and freshly decorated. Wifi is available at no extra charge.

There is adequate parking off Coldharbour Road and access from the main hall onto a large recreation field with a newly equipped, fenced children’s playground.

Our story

In the early nineties, the local residents were concerned that the old Pavilion was under threat of demolition. It had been brought, like a prefab, from London during the First World War and had always had a leaky roof. By the end of the century, it was affected by rot and had been declared unsafe.

The old Pavilion in 1990

A group of three made representations at the Benenden Parish Council Annual General Meeting. Although it was objected that any new Pavilion would be a ’white elephant’, a public meeting was called in Iden Green. An attendance in the chapel overwhelmingly supported the proposal to build on the footprint of the then existent hall.

Within a year, funds had been raised in grants from Kent County Council, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council and the Harmsworth Trust, and the new structure had gone up.